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Dear Sir / Mam! My name is Mohammad Waqas. Currently, working with KCA Deutag Drilling ltd (Pakistan) as a Floorhand. Now, i am looking for better opportunity in abroad. My drilling experience is more then 4years, Please, check my C.V and Contact with me. Hope you give me early and good response.

Hi! I am looking for offshore job, I have worked in Saudi Arabia (zpadc) as a floorhand, roustabout, mudman.

Dear Sir, I would like to be considered for the post of Floorhand in your company that would fit my educational experiences and skill set in the resume. As you will note in my resume, I have a great deal of experience as floorhand in Offshore and Onshore oil Rigs. In addition, I have also done necessary safety courses. Thank you for considering me for this position.

Respected sir, i am from India my age 35 presently a im seaman i like work floorhand in oil rig i don't have rig expiereance how can try please help me.

8 years experience, floorhand, motor hand, derrickhand. North Dakota.

Reliable and focused employee seeking a full-time position with the opportunity for advancement. I offer experience in all types of oil field jobs that were gained through years of working in the oil and gas industry.

I am having Indian C D C and done other safety and fire fighting courses, Is it possible to get a floorhand job in an offshore oil rig. Thanking you

Floorhand offshore position on oil and gas drilling rig

Floorhand is one of the most popular low-skilled jobs on oil rigs. As a rule offshore floorhand must perform the following duties on oil rig:

Load and offload all kind of equipment heavy weight and right weight by following all safety rules. Also floorhand job includes: to do a setup during the rig up and rig down; to operate kind of engine, high pressure pumps.

To report to driller and participates all operations on the rig floor and around the wellhead. Includes tripping in and out of the hole, maintaining and cleaning handling tools, checking cleaning and maintaining rig floor equipment and assisting service companies' specialists in testing and running casing, tubing, cementation and wire line operations as assigned.

Offshore rig floorhand participates in locating such items as drilling tools, drilling pipe, casing and tubing to or from drill floor, deck, cantilever and main decks using appropriate winches as necessary, in co ordination with other drilling personnel. Connects or disconnects and participates as part of a team in racking sections of drilling pipes, casing tubing and drilling collars using a variety of hand tools, tongs, air winch, ropes and cathead. Dopes threads to ensure smooth and derrick man to ensure good co ordination of efforts. Flanges up blow out preventers, wellhead equipment and test equipment under supervision to secure the well bore as requested and directed by using hand tools, When such work is under taken on the jacket, operates air winches.

Are you looking for Floorhand position in US?

Our oil recruiting company provides Floorhand vacancies in the following states: Texas (Houston), Denver, The Gulf of Mexico, California, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Montana, LA, Shreveport, North Dakota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Blackwell, Southern California, New Mexico, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, CA, Bakersfield, Kentucky, Utah, Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, Wyoming.

Lewis Energy Group. Floorhand job in Texas oil rigs.

Nabors Industries: Experienced Floorhand needed. Bakersfield, CA.

DrillWorker: Leasehand/Floorhand job 30k salary. Louisiana.

Needed Floorhand/Roustabout to operate and maintain the rig floor including drill pipes.

Nabors Industries: Experienced Floorhand needed. Bakersfield, CA.

Floorhand assists to Assistant Driller or Derrick man in overhauling of pumps, tools and equipment by participating with them in changing liner, pistons, valves and the like, using hand tool. Cleans up associated areas after maintenance or repair work. Assist Derrick man on monkey board when needed. Loads/offloads materials including chemicals but excluding food stuff, tools and equipment, manually or by assisting in the slinging or hoisting of such items from marine vessels or helicopters, when requested.

Maintains drilling tools and tongs, elevators, slips equipment such as shale shaker, blow out preventers, mud pit and rig floor equipment in a clean and good condition, performs wire brushing and painting when required. Clean drilling floor including mud ditch immediately below the drilling floor and cantilever deck by mixing detergent to portable drum and operating pressure cleaning gun or water hose. Assists In rig move operations an setting up of drilling floor, cantilever and main deck by lashing movable securely, disconnecting and securing lines and repositioning to avoid hazard or damage to the rig.

Observes and apply established safety regulations in all respects, including participation in the various boats, fire fighting, h2s and explosive gas evacuation drills. Operates fire equipment as directed in the event of fire to minimize loss. Assist in various drilling related duties such as mixing mud, emptying chemicals and loss circulation materials into hopper and adding chemicals to mud tank as requested. Assists in cementing, acidizing and moving fluid to the required area by connecting/disconnecting lines and opening/closing valves in the pump room or on the drilling floor as requested.

Remove thread protectors from tubular, drilling pipes, casing and protection strings and drifts for symmetry by threading rope, pulling drifter through casing and advising supervisor of any abnormalities. Clean and greases threads for protection and stows protectors for later return to shore. Assists in measuring tubular to tallies. Assembles and dismantles fishing tools, testing, coring and well head equipment when instructed using hand tools. This includes physically carrying elements to the assembly by point for assembly.

Carries out other similar or related duties as assigned, such as lubricating drilling equipment with in established schedule. Using grease gun and advising supervisor of tools, machinery and equipment requiring repair or replacement, keeping drilling equipment and working areas tidy and orderly.

Floorhand US jobs: Texas, The Gulf of Mexico, North Dakota, Louisiana.

US oil industry provides hundreds job for floorhand in North Dakota, Texas, Ilinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, The Gulf of Mexico, Blackwell,New Mexico, Southern California, Arkansas. Across the US teritory and water area there operating many oil exploration companies: Koch Industries, Devon Energy, Apache Corporation, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Shell Oil Company, ConocoPhillips, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Vaalco Energy, Plains Exploration & Production, SandRidge Energy, Linn Energy, Chevron Corporation, Venoco, HKN, Inc., Continental Resources, ExxonMobil, Hess Corporation, Murphy Oil, XTO Energy, Marathon Oil, EOG Resources, Greka Energy, Laredo Petroleum, Occidental Petroleum. If order to get offshore job of Floorhand you had better have Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates, safety certificates.

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